Kettlebell Drills to Get Rid of Man Boobs

kettlebell drills

Kettlebell Drills to Get Rid of Man Boobs

You may have encountered this before. You rip off your shirt to look in the mirror, and suddenly you realize that you have a set of breasts, and they are bigger than your girlfriend's! Yes, these are called "moobs" (or man boobs) and more and more guys are trying to get rid of them. 

boobs on her
Boobs look good on her

kettlebell drills to get rid of man boobs
Boobs definitely dont look good on him
There's even surgery nowadays to help reduce man boobs! BUT you don't have to see the surgeon if you have an embarrassing man boobs problem.

The main reason why a man would have man boobs is that there is too much extra fat which is stored in the upper torso. The good news is that you CAN  banish your man boobs. The prescription? Kettlebell drills that burns fat and builds muscle. Usually to get rid of excess weight and burn fat, you cannot be doing just cardio exercises. Rather, you will need to do serious kettlebell strength training in order to build lean muscle. Lean muscle revs up your  metabolism, which in effect burns calories and boosts fat loss.

Check out these kettlebell drills that will get rid of man boobs and firm up your chest. The kettlebell drills will be done in the form of supersets. They target your glutes plus back muscles (which are said to have the most muscle mass) and also your chest area. If you are able to activate a lot of muscle fibres at once, your metabolism will indeed be elevated. This will also boost testosterone levels (which help build muscle and burn fat).

Get Rid of Man Boobs Kettlebell Workout

You will need two heavy kettlebells, and will do a pair of exercises as a superset. Do exercise 1A as many reps s possible in 30 seconds, rest 15 seconds (intensity helps burn more fat). Then do exercise 1B as many reps s possible in 30 seconds, rest 15 seconds. That constitutes one round. You will be doing four to five rounds in total. Move on to the second superset for four to five rounds.

Superset 1

1A. Double kettlebell row

1B. Kettlebell Goblet squat

Superset 2

2A. Double kettlebell floor press

2B. Double kettlebell swings

Do this workout 2 times a week and start to see your man boobs slowly turn into rock hard manly pecs!

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